HVAC Design-build

At McD Metals we hold the capabilities to build your preferences, personality, and culture into our HVAC designs so you feel at home in your work environment. Our planning process and impeccable attention to detail covers all bases. Sustainability, budget, code compliance, energy consumption, operating costs, equipment life expectancy, and performance are among the many factors we analyze and incorporate into our design models.


Our Sheet Metal Union Fabrication facilities allow us to provide cutting, bending, welding, and machining services for all types of metal including galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum or any other sheet metal. Using computerized scheduling and statistical process control we put the industry’s most advanced machinery to work to manufacture the highest quality products. We are committed to meeting all SMACNA Sheet Metal Fabrication standards for ductwork, forming and fabrication.


We believe that there is no substitute for HVAC Expertise, which we define as quality workmanship performed in a productive and efficient manner, using accepted industry standards with a vast pool of talented union workers.


Our highly trained union sheet metal workers in the HVAC industry install, repair, and trouble shoot for commercial, healthcare and pharmaceutical use. From duct systems and ventilation systems, union trained HVAC sheet metal workers have broad and extensive knowledge about HVAC systems.


And when it’s time to install it, our crews are the best in the business – all with years of classroom and field training. We specialize in complicated projects, including fast-track design build, multi-zone, VAV, VVT, constant volume, rooftop, split system and double duct HVAC systems. We can also install your lab or process exhaust systems.

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